Body, Movement, Language
Contribution: Creative Lead, Director

Agency: Google Creative Lab

The apex.

So grateful to be able to work on this project with a one of a kind team including Michelle Bailhe, Maya Man, James Scott and Errol King, if they don’t have jobs please hire them.

This project started out as a one-slide idea: how might we use Posenet—a technology that can see, understand and react to the human body—to tell stories about the Black body—the target (and potentially the source) of all anti-blackness? After a six month internal pitch, we convinced the G to set up a meeting with Bill and the rest is history. 6 months and five workshops later, I can now call myself a Digital Creative Lead and a Documentary Filmmaker.

Taking on directing for the first time was a rewarding challenge that now feels like a new path for me, creating a film that lives within an ecosystem of creativity that includes three tech experiments and a digital representation of one of the most important works in the history of American dance in Approaching 21 feels like the shape i want my work to take moving forward.

Maybe it’s because I’m writing this on the day of launch, but it really feels like a culmination of my weird journey to be able to apply my skills in writing, photography, editing, sound design, music production, music supervision, art direction, interface design, digital shit, all of it.

Thanks to the team, thank you to Bill, Janet, Christina, Vinson, Huiwang, Kyle, Kim, Dave and the whole gang at New York Live Arts, and thanks again to Malika and William from Google for facilitating so much of this and fighting the good fight.

And of course shout out to me, cause wow I really did this.

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Director’s cut, uncoloured with unmixed audio.

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